Rays House - Virgin Media / 4G Backup

Rays House - Virgin Media / 4G Backup

The Draytek at Rays House is connected to Virgin Media on WAN2:

There is an issue with the PING Detect on this interface. When the Virgin Line bounces - the WAN2 interface stays down.

The site fails over onto 4G backup.

There is an Low Speed ADSL Line into WAN1

You can use this to log into the Draytek if needed.

If the WAN2 line is showing down on the Draytek (but the Virgin IP is pingable) - you need to go to WAN2

Set the WAN Connection Detection to 'ARP Detect' on WAN2

Click OK

When it asks to reboot the router, just click on another options from the left hand side.

This should bring the WAN2 interface back online.

You now need to go back into WAN2 and set WAN Connection detection back to PING detect.

Click OK again - and when asked to reboot the router - just click on an option on the left hand menu.

Check that WAN2 is still active.